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Unlock the Flavor at The Vault Kitchen + Market

A renovated banking institution that served the Savannah community for over 50 years turned ultra-chic eatery: The Vault has been something to rave about since they opened (or should we say unlocked) their doors in 2013.

The Vault Kitchen + Market | @ShutterAtTheMenu

Upon entering we were overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful natural light, unique decor of old lockboxes and even a large vault door to play on their name, and the smaller more intricate details like the four fresh blooms placed in a bud vase on each table. And this was all taken in in just the first 30 seconds of our arrival.

The employees at the Vault were just as unique and and warm as their decor as they were fully accommodating to a couple of first time visitors such as ourselves.

Now that we have given you the rundown of the overall aesthetics of The Vault... let’s get down to what you’ve all been waiting for: the food.

Upon first glance at the menu it was extremely evident how diverse it was and the Shutter at the Menu team was all about it. From seafood to chicken to dumplings…the Vault chefs seem to have their hand in every cookie jar, but not an actual cookie jar as they do not serve any cookies.

We indulged in a number of dishes trying our best to get an idea of everything they had to offer. The Nickel Noodle Stir fry was the first dish we dug our forks into and it did not disappointment. The wide rice noodles provided the perfect base for the heaping mound of veggies that were sautéed to perfection. Both the shrimp and and beef were cooked marvelously proving once again that you can do no wrong with a classic surf and turf combination. Nickel Noodle Stir Fry: 10/10.

Nickle Noodles | @ShutterAtTheMenu

Next, we moved on to a slightly more adventurous dish, the Spicy Tuna Tartare. This dish stole the show both with looks and taste. Upon first glance we feasted our eyes on a beautifully layered masterpiece that was towered high with: spicy tuna, cubed avocado, scallions, masago, sesame seed, spicy mayo all topped with unique crispy crab straws. Now, we don’t think we need to say this given the fact that you just read that long list of ingredients but holy texture (a little louder for the people in the back: HOLY TEXTURE). This dish was packed with it and we were living for it.

Spicy Tuna TarTare | @ShutterAtTheMenu

Finally, we could not forget about the beverages we were sipping on throughout the duration of our meal: the Blood Orange Marinti and the Cilantro Mojito. These are two classic beverages at the Vault and they complemented our dish selections perfectly. The Blood Orange Martini combined a sweet and tangy flavor rollercoaster with their use of cranberry juice and peach vodka.

The Blood Orange Martini | @ShutterattheMenu

The Mojito was muddled to perfection and was absolutely beautiful as it was refreshing. The cilantro was also a fun added twist to this classic Shutter at the Menu favorite.

The Cilantro Mojito | @ShutterattheMenu

With its wildly diverse menu and killer decor, The Vault has the Shutter at the Menu’s seal of approval. We listed everything and anything you’d need to know about The Vault down below!

The Vault socials:

The Vault contact info:

2112 Bull Street, Savannah, GA, 31401


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