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Shot By Somi Studios COVID-19 Mitigation Plan


In response to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic Shot by Somi Students is making every effort to minimize to the greatest extent possible the risks associated with the transmission and perpetuation of the coronavirus. This document provides guidance to help mitigate the transmission of the coronavirus and provide safe and healthy working environments for our staff and clients.


Our staff is currently working from home or using outddoor locations when possible:

  • We use teleworking technologies to the greatest extent possible. 

  • Stagger work schedules. 

  • We have limited inperson consultations and are doing them from zoom.

  • The studio has remained closed to the public and is on an appointment only basic.

We have also: 

  • Limited photograpy services of large families and events.

  •  We have arranged the workspace to optimize the distance between employees and clients to keep everyone  at least six feet apart.

  •  We have urged high-risk clients to stay home and reschedule sessions.

  • Studio is sanitized before each client, and face mask are worn when possible.


Sessions are limited to the individuals shooting. Please come dressed and ready to shoot to minimize use of common dressing areas. Thank you.  

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